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Vintage Fabric       Timeless Style Kimono and Vintage Fabric  
Repurposed by Elizabeth Kent  

Vested Interest Sightings


Beautiful Laura Ozak, R.N., J.D., wearing Vested Interest in Paris!




Ciera Obando models Elizabeth Kent's ornate gold and red uchikake jacket

Louise Ing models Elizabeth Kent's 'green bird' shawl


Ari South wearing a Vested Interest belt


People Wearing Vested Interest Garments

Sara Malia Hatfield - the actress bought these two jackets at Magnolia! Sara is pictured in NYC in the red jacket in Times Square
and in the lovely Green/Blue print in Central Park.



Cherry Blossom Queen, Lauren Sugai with Misako Ito and Consul General of Japan Koichi Ito,
wearing a jacket made from a wedding kimono - 2019
(Photography courtesy Midweek August 2019)


Cherry Blossom Court wearing belts made from a wedding kimono - 2013

See Honolulu Arts Beat coverage of "For Love or Money" at the Honolulu Country Club Gallery

Click here for details: http://www.honoluluartsbeat.com/Honolulu_Arts_Beat/Love_or_Money.html



See Honolulu Magazine "Kailua: Portrait of a Place" - coverage of Elizabeth - Click Here




This table runner was sold at Magnolia and
the happy owner sent me this photo.



Children's Justice Center Slipper Project

Heidi Bornhorst is wearing a Vested Interest Jacket. Photo by Tony Grillo

Trudy Wong, 2nd from the left is wearing a Vested Interest jacket to an East-West Center
function. Photo in Midweek August 29, 2012 and photo courtesy of the East-West Center.

Cherry Blossom Court wearing Vested Interest belts

Cherry Blossom Court in blue dresses with Vested Interest belts. They were worn to an
event to honor the 100th and 442nd heroes.

Vested Interest Hawaii is purpose driven, and actively supports non-profits that help keep our community strong. Some of the charities and efforts that I support include Aloha Harvest, Hawaii Foodbank, Hawaii Women's Legal Foundation, Temari Center for Asian and Pacific Arts, Uniform Law Foundation, and animal welfare and environmental causes
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