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Vintage Fabric       Timeless Style Kimono and Vintage Fabric  
Repurposed by Elizabeth Kent  

Meet Me at the Meat Market

These pieces were created to call attention to the horror of human trafficking. World-wide, human trafficking is a multi-billion-dollar a year industry. Traffickers exploit people in different ways for labor and commercial sex. Imagine being vulnerable and then letting down your guard to trust someone, putting your faith and trust in that person, and then being abused and then being subjected to forced labor or to turn tricks. Its horrible. Unfortunately, we are not we immune to this social disease here in paradise.*

Each of my pieces in my "Meat Market" series incorporates intimate apparel which has been dyed to look like meat in various stages of decay. We must remain vigilant to protect both those at risk and our society at large.


Meet Me at the Meat Market This Evening
(Constructed from dyed brassieres and repurposed fabric)
Meet Me at the Meat Market, but be Cautious
(Jacket constructed from dyed panties, brassieres, nighties, and other intimate apparel; blouse and skirt from recycled drapery)
Meet Me at the Meat Market Soon
(Constructed from dyed panties)
Protection Dress
(Constructed from condoms)

Vested Interest Hawaii is purpose driven, and actively supports non-profits that help keep our community strong. Some of the charities and efforts that I support include Aloha Harvest, Hawaii Foodbank, Hawaii Women's Legal Foundation, Temari Center for Asian and Pacific Arts, Uniform Law Foundation, and animal welfare and environmental causes
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