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Vested Interest
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Vintage Fabric - Timeless Style Kimono repurposed by Elizabeth Kent  
 adj.: brought back; revived; resurgent, to be used postpositively  

About The Designer

Hawaii is my home.  I love so much about Hawaii, including the Asian influence that is a part of Hawaii's culture.  For years I looked for a way to merge some of my interests: recycling, textiles that feel good to touch and are beautiful to see, and functional art. 

Creating these unique jackets and vests is my way of bringing my different interests together.  It is a pleasure to work with the fine silks that kimono and obi are made from, and to meld them into new creations that can be worn to enhance daily life. 

My jackets and vests follow the flow of the original kimono from which they were made.  Some of them have imperfections in the material, just what you would expect from something that was made from vintage fabric.  I find these make the outfits all the more special. 

Winners of the 2015 AHA Contemporary Show: 

Category:                    Title of Artwork:                         Artist:                         

 Best in the Show:       “Jewel Tone Contemplation”. . Elizabeth Kent      


Honolulu Magazine April 2010 issue:

Below is a recent article from the Japanese Cultural Center newsletter:

Vested Interest Hawaii is purpose driven, and actively supports non-profits that help keep our community strong. Some of the charities that I support include the Uniform Law Foundation, Temari Center for Asian and Pacific Arts, Hawaii Opera Theater, American Cancer Society, Hawaiian Humane Society, Hawaii State Bar Foundation, YMCA, YWCA, Hospice Hawaii, Sexual Abuse Treatment Center, Samaritan Counseling Center, and Advocates for Public Interest Law.

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