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Vested Sightings
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Art & Social Justice
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Vested Interest
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Vintage Fabric - Timeless Style Kimono repurposed by Elizabeth Kent  
 adj.: brought back; revived; resurgent, to be used postpositively  

Welcome to Vested Interest

The jackets, vests, scarves, table runners and shawls that you see here are made with vintage fabric, most of it from kimono and obi that I found in Japan or Hawaii. Each kimono or obi is selected for its fine quality and artistic nature. You will want to feel the rich elegance of the original material and embellishments.

I start off by searching for special kimono and haori that are in great condition. You will notice that often pieces retain the integrity of the original garment the piece was made from in order to showcase the work that went into creating it. Sometimes, different pieces of material are mixed to create new designs. Some of the designs are subtle; others sparkle and shimmer. Most of the jackets and vests are made from silk, though some are cotton, wool, rayon, or synthetic. Metallic thread, embroidery, and other embellishments make the original work even more special.

Here to view the video interview with Keilana Mokelehua on KHON Living808
Haina Jam wherein she trys on one of my jackets at Mori's May 23, 2019

Please click on the garment categories below to see some of my work. My inventory is constantly changing. Please visit often to see the new work.





Art & Social Justice
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Vested Interest Hawaii is purpose driven, and actively supports non-profits that help keep our community strong. Some of the charities that I support include the Uniform Law Foundation, Temari Center for Asian and Pacific Arts, Hawaii Opera Theater, American Cancer Society, Hawaiian Humane Society, Hawaii State Bar Foundation, YMCA, YWCA, Hospice Hawaii, Sexual Abuse Treatment Center, Samaritan Counseling Center, and Advocates for Public Interest Law.

Click Here for the article about Vested Interest June 27, 2014

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